Welcome Sreedevi Bringi to Lincoln Yoga Center in July 2017

In July, we welcome the renowned Sreedevi Bringi to Lincoln Yoga Center. Sree offers two workshops for professionals and enthusiastic yoga practitioners:

- Mantra Yoga on July 17th from 7-9PM
- Yoga Nidra on July 20th from 7-9PM

This is truly an extraordinary opportunity! Come experience the teachings of Sreedevi who has amassed a wealth of traditional and contemporary knowledge of the eight limbed yoga path.

This Yoga Nidra workshop is taught as a series of progressively deepening sessions. This systematic meditative process incorporates a intention/resolution based guided relaxation with visualizations, breath awareness, counting and chakra toning.

Sreedevi Bringi, MSc, MS, MA, hails from a family of spiritual teachers in India. She draws on the Goddess traditions of India for her own spiritual practice and finds inspiration from the contemporary women saints of India. Sreedevi has received formal training in meditation, Sanskrit and the religious/spiritual traditions of India.

Sreedevi Bringi MSc, MS, MA is a faculty member in the Yoga Studies, Sanskrit and Hinduism programs at Naropa university in Boulder, Co. Sreedevi developed a unique course in Sacred Sanskrit for Yoga as well as training yoga teachers for over 15 years. In addition, Sreedevi has provided yoga nidra trainings for over 20 years. For more information about Sree and her teachings, visit www.ShaktiInstitute.com.

No experience required
Cost: $25
Don't wait to register, space is limited.

What makes Sanskrit mantra sacred and accessible in yoga practice and teaching? Learn and practice with an initiated master teacher from India! Roots and manifestation of mantra. Power of mantra through 4 stages of practice and 4 levels of sacred word/sound/speech. Mantra infused into asana and pranayama. Seed sounds (bija mantra) of the 5 physical elements (earth, water, fire, air and space) activating the chakras, mantras to invoke universal healing forces/archetypal deity forms and mantras for personal well-being. Also, take home instructional audio tracks to practice mantra yoga with Sreedevi.
Cost: $20

To Register:

Visit www.lincolnyogacenter.com/workshops

Stop by at: 2127 Winthrop Rd, Lincoln, NE 68502

Call: (402) 570-1114

Or register online at:


Sreedevi Bringi

About Sree:
Sreedevi Bringi has received formal training in yoga, meditation, yoga nidra, Sanskrit, and the spiritual/religious teachings of India. She has been a long-term facutly member at Naropa University at Boulder, Colorado, teaching courses in Yoga Studies, Hinduism and Sacred Sanskrit courses. She also offers classes, trainings and intensives to yoga teachers and presents at yoga festivals/conferences nationally. Sree also maintains a spiritual empowerment / mentoring- coaching/ subtle energy healing practice using yoga principles.