Adaptive Children's Yoga Training

September 30th & October 1st

Please join us as Deb Buck leads this Adaptive Children's Yoga Training for adults. Three modules to be taken as a whole or individually. Please pre-register.

Investment: $75 per module // $150 for all three modules.

MODULE 1: Saturday, September 30th
MODULE 2: Saturday, September 30th
MODULE 3: Sunday October 1st 

Module 1: Stages of Development. 3-6 years. 6-12 years. 12-15 years. 15-18 years. Physical, emotional, and mental healthy children development. Healthy development means children are progressing true to their natural timeline as an independent, functioning child in their environment.
Module 2: Disabilities. Yoga for children of all ages with disabilities.  ADHD, Autism Spectrum, OCD, High Anxiety & Trauma, Downs Syndrome. 
Module 3: Theory and Application of adaptive children's yoga.


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